General Summary

The world of Varia is 7,200 years old, having seen the rise and fall of empires, peoples, and even gods. The discovered continents include Ovrios in the west, northern Ivarend, southern Cresoya, eastern Sodon and Jitan and Boraya to the far north. 


History of Varia



Year Event Event Event
0 Creation    
1000 Empires of Dragons and Giants established    
1500 Giant vs. Dragon war Destruction of the great Giant and Dragon empires  
2000 Rise of Serpent-Folk and Dragonborn Empires    
3000 Fall of Serpent-Folk and Dragonborn Empires    
3400 Rise of Elvish Empires    
4000 Rise of Dwarf-Holds    
5000 The Godswar The corruption of the followers of the evil gods. Creation of Devils, Demons, Orcs, etc. Great diminishing of elvish empires and dwarf-holds
5040 Conclusion of the Godswar The Healing  
6500 Rise of Human Empires Mass enslavement of many orcish tribes  
6800 Fracturing of Human Empires Many human successor states abolish orcish enslavement  
6945 The end of the human kingdom of Valeeras in Ovrios The beginning of The Midland Provinces in Ovrios All human nations in Ovrios aside from Minos abolish orcish slavery
7000 Creation of Tieflings in human nation of Rysia Rise of the Rysian Empire Annexation of The Midland Provinces by Rysian Empire

Fall of the Rysian Empire (Internal strife between ruling Tiefling class and the common human folk)

Liberation of The Midland Provinces  
7090 Death of Harknell in Ivarend Destruction of Elfish territory of Yaelas and the Dwarf-hold of Caer Dunagh  
7100 Creation of Automatta    
7150 Flora first appear in the world    
7160 Minosian Civil War Minos unofficially splits into two states, Free Minos in the north, and True Minos in the south  
7192 The Elf-Blight strikes Most elves withdraw from the greater world into their enclaves  
7200 Current    
And on….. That is up to you.    



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